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Troynetics is a software research and unique e-commerce platform development company. A leader in algorithmic applications, research, design, developing, testing, operating systems-level software, compilers, and network distribution software for e-commerce, business, cyber security, and general computing applications.






Best of the Best in CODING!


Licensing and operating the next generation large scale e-Commerce platforms for big business, Fortune 500 Companies, and Troynetics subsidiaries.

Algorithmic Apps

Development and application of algorithms based on artificial intelligence that connect merchants to consumers with the likes we have never seen before.

Cyber Security

Innovation and research yielding the latest technologies, processes and practices to protect networks and the Troynetics platforms, computers, programs and data.

Tracking Systems

Smart tracking systems designed to connect merchants from point of sale with consumers to their door within the Troynetics e-Commerce platforms.

“Inspiring Creativity!”


Creativity is not found only within certain gifted people. It is a dynamic found within each of us, it is what we are and who we are. Within the Troynetics environment creativity is inspired daily by the passion, pursuit, excellence, innovation and discovery we all share.

There's always room for growth and sky's the limit.

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